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Folk craftsman Hambartsumyan Varazdat to be the author of more than 250 khachkars. His author's khachkars are erected in many places all over Armenia, also in Greece, Switzerland, U.A.E., USA (in Frezno), in the central square of Novosibirsk (Russia), in the Ukraine and other places.

Several khachkars in memory of the perished ones in Artsakh are placed in the courtyard of Yerevan Polytechnical Institute, in front of Pedagogical Institute and in the Military Secondary school after Monte Melkonyan.

On the way Leading to the town of Shushi, there stands a khachkar, erected in memory of town's Liberation.

The majority of khachkar stones is in Yerevan, where the master resides with his large family (with 5 children) and where he creates his khachkars.


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